Wharariki ( coastal and mountain) or  Harakeke ( lowland swamps) 

Manga – Maori word for stream

Bourne - old Anglo-Saxon English word meaning brook or stream.


The grove was established in 1999 and was the first grove of any size to be planted in the Flaxbourne area of Marlborough. The warm summers and cool winters provide ideal conditions for olive oil production.

We grow, pick, press and bottle the olives on the estate in Ward, Marlborough. This 100% extra Virgin olive oil is a natural product with no additives. It is produced with a first cold press – the only press. Kept in a chilled room at 12 degrees centigrade, the oil is stored in large stainless steel cans for 6 weeks before it is bottled.

both olives

We grow several varieties of olives Leccino, and Frantoio, being the most commonly grown in Italy and they grow very well here in Marlborough.

Other Italian varieties we grow are, Moraiolo, Minerva, and Pendolino.

Also on the grove are Spanish olives Manzanillo and Picual. Also, a French variety, Picholine.

Pouring oil

The olives are grown, picked and pressed on the same estate here in Ward, Marlborough. We keep most of the varieties separate to bottle. Leaving some to blend together making for a more interesting flavour. 

Each year depends on the weather and the ripeness of the fruit as to whether it is robust or delicate. With the very robust flavours we can blend the more neutral flavours together hence making an all-purpose olive oil for most palates...

Leccino and Frantoio varieties have a fresh grassy flavour with a good green colour, quite pungent and they go very well with salads, fish and chicken. 

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