11 Apr 2017 - Jo Duggan
Earthquake Recovery

We are slowly catching up after the devastating destruction of the 2016 earthquake. Ward and its inhabitants have suffered a great deal. We, on the other hand were extremely lucky in that our house has survived very well. The land and the outbuildings have not fared so well, but things are moving on now so we are hoping to get back on track by the spring. 

The road down to Christchurch has been a challenge for us in getting down to the markets every month but we managed all except April - we ran out of oil. You may say that is a good thing but we had thought that 700 litres would take us right through to August and our new oil would overlap. 

We lost 200 litres in the EQ and as sales have doubled this season, we had to disappoint a few customers.

The olives are looking just as plentiful this season so hopefully we will get another good crop - weather permitting - and a good percentage of oil.

This years hazelnut harvest has gone well with the help of 2 lovely girls from Helpx - Charlotte and Angelique from France. The weather has been wet so gathering has been intermittent but we finished on the 10th April, much later than usual, but it looks like a good crop.

hazelnut harvest

Hazelnut Harvest