Our Story - in Brief.

David, a Kiwi and Jo a Brit, have now been in New Zealand since May 2014.  We are now residing very happily in New Zealand. After living and working in Wiltshire and the Shetland Isles UK, David is happy to be home in his country again and for Jo it’s like coming home too as she lived and worked here in the 70’s.

Inspiration – Ostra Vetere, Marche, Italy

Ostra vedere

Good friends of ours in Wiltshire UK, introduced us to olive growing and the process of pressing olives for this wonderful oil. They own a little olive grove in the foothills of the Apennines on the Adriatic coast of Italy, with 45 trees near a village called Ostra Vetere. They, together with family and friends, pick the olives by hand.

We learned to pick the olives with their family and watched the process of oil production in the co-operative press in the town.

We helped them pick every year in October for about 7 consecutive years and David went over to help prune as well in the spring. It was such an enjoyable time that we totally fell in love with the whole lifestyle and soon realised that it was what we wanted to do when David finished his career.

Relocation – Ward, Marlborough, New Zealand

Our farm

Photo by Robyn Headland

Having gone to New Zealand for a holiday and the wedding of David’s son in October 2013, we decided to take the opportunity to see some properties in the areas we knew we liked. We saw this Ward property first and loved it but had booked to see some 15 others around the Nelson/Motueka area. This property was the only one to grow olives in a big enough way to allow us to earn a small income. Although the other properties were beautiful, none had olives growing like this one.

By February 2014 it was ours, but we were still living in UK and we couldn’t leave until April. But by the 2nd May we were in and waiting for the furniture to arrive, which because of various weather conditions out in various oceans, didn’t arrive for 3 weeks so we camped in the house and readied ourselves for the first harvest in the first week of June.

From then on it was full on and hasn’t stopped yet!

Realisation – the Green Gold of Marlborough

 We are now up and running and successfully producing award winning olive oil and delivering great hazelnuts to our supplier "Uncle Joe's Walnuts"

We have 140 hazelnut trees, all of which are fully mature and producing. We harvest the nuts as they drop all through March. We do have whole nuts for sale from the door.

Olive oil tasting


Through the summer months we host tour groups from the Molesworth Tour Company, and various other groups around Marlborough come for morning or afternoon tea and a tour of the grove, and of course an olive oil tasting. We give them a tour of the grove explaining how the process of olive oil is produced and giving them a taste of the subtlety different varieties. 

We end the tour with a casual light lunch in our court yard.

We welcome any groups as well as any individuals who would like see what we do here, be it olive oil, vegetable growing, pottery or just the garden.

Call us on 03 575 6476 for more information 

or on our mobiles - David 02108470280

      Jo 0211489891