Our Story - in Brief.

Bernie and Tom, have now been in New Zealand since August 2006. We spent the first 15 years living in and around the Tauranga region running a successful electrical business. We then decided that we were ready for a complete change in direction and location.

Relocation – Ward, Marlborough, New Zealand

Our farm

Photo by Robyn Headland

We decided that if we were going to make a move south then the first thing to look into was selling on the electrical business. We put it onto the market and a buyer came forward in less than one week which blew our minds. The next thing was to see where we fancied moving to. We searched the usual property sites and spotted a few around the greater Christchurch region, but also spotted a place in Ward, Marlborough. An amazing property where they were producing Olive Oil. We couldn't shake that property off. It wasn't possible for us to travel south for a number of weeks after selling our business but we just kept looking, hoping and praying that the right place would be there for us.

So we arranged to view a few properties including the one in Ward and flew down to Christchurch for a whirlwind property search.

We had only visited the South Island once, and that was around the Christchurch region. We had never visited the Marlborough region at all and had only seen it in books or on TV. We headed up to Ward from Christchurch to check out this place that had been on our watchlist for weeks. We were blown away by the beauty of the place and by the amazing people, Jo & David Gilmore, that were selling the place. That was it, decision made. This was the place where we could see our next chapter in life beginning.

Jo & David had spent the previous several years developing, growing, and loving the property and the olive oil business. We had big shoes to fill but we were ready for a challenge.

From then on it was full on and hasn’t stopped yet!

Realisation – the Green Gold of Marlborough

 We are now up and running and successfully producing award winning olive oil and delivering great hazelnuts to our supplier "Uncle Joe's Walnuts"

We have 140 hazelnut trees, all of which are fully mature and producing. We harvest the nuts as they drop all through March. We do have whole nuts for sale from the door.

Olive oil tasting


Through the summer months we host tour groups from the Molesworth Tour Company, and various other groups around Marlborough come for morning or afternoon tea and a tour of the grove, and of course an olive oil tasting. We give them a tour of the grove explaining how the process of olive oil is produced and giving them a taste of the subtlety different varieties. 

We end the tour with a casual light lunch in our court yard.

We welcome any groups as well as any individuals who would like see what we do here.

Call Bernie & Tom on 0210312815 or 0272366499